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24th November 2003. The concluding chapters to Dark Days in Toyville are finally up. Enjoy! And apologies in advance for the ending... and probably everything that went before it too! Also, a couple more sites added to the LINKS section

18th November 2003. Yeah, I know... another update and two years haven't passed yet! Don't get overly excited though as the only thing I've done this time was clean up the LINKS section - taking out old and putting in new. Coming soon though, the concluding chapters of Toyville

14th October 2003. Oops. Over two years since I last updated here. Apologies - not much new in the FC custom world from me since the last update (and no, none of the figures are for sale and no commissions at the present while either). I've been working more in the 1/6th/12" scale of late - I'll have to sort some pictures out one of these days, but for some new work have a look over at the Dark Days in Toyville photostory (admittedly the work of a derranged and infantile mind but fun in a Twisted Mego Theatre sort of way).

24th September 2001. Two new 12" figures over in the Other Customs corner of my site - Aeryn Sun and Indiana Jones

25th August 2001. After *all* this time, only two new FCs, a re-customised Punisher and the first of my Warriors Three, Fandral... but there's also a new 'Other Customs' wing been nailed onto the site featuring some of my newer 12" work, including one of my favourite wastes of time and money, the Barbie/Cy-Girl hybrids!

18th March 2001. New FCs - Batroc the Leaper, Black Cat, Electro, the Grim Reaper, the Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus & Venom!

25th January 2001. The official Scarlet Witch FC gets a new head of hair and Zhaan is added to my Farscape FCs

12th January 2001. Officer Aeryn Sun joins the Farscape FCs. Plus another addition to the links page

20th November 2000. At last, an update! Albeit a teeny-tiny ickle one; two FCs; a quieter Captain America and, the first of my Farscape customs, Ka D'Argo. Plus one new links

15th September 2000. New FCs; A villain wave; Annilihus, Attuma, Pluto & Viper and a redeco'ed Dark Phoenix. Plus some new links

3rd September 2000 (two years of FC customising!). New FC; The Phoenix well, more updated really. Plus the FAQ expands again; a walkthrough of the above custom plus a bit of re-root taming

24th August 2000. New FCs; the Red Rajah, Skrull Warrior & the Wasp

4th August 2000. New FC; Nightmare plus updated & tweaked D'Spayre and Dweller in the Dark.

21st July 2000. New FCs; Brother Voodoo, Nick Fury & Warbird/Ms. Marvel

25th June 2000. New FCs; Maya and a re-tooled Galactus.

4th June 2000. New FCs; Adam Warlock, Gladiator, Lilandra & the Swamp Thing plus Banshee, Clea, Wonderman, Huntress and Flaming Carrot pages updated. And the new layout continues - moved all the site over to a new web-authoring package which should make for easier and quicker updates.

13th May 2000. New FC customs; the Black Knight, the Enchantress, Hercules, Manhunter (Paul Kirk), Mephisto and Shadowcat. Plus an updated and tweaked Nighthawk and Dr Strange.

7th May 2000. Nothing exciting; just a spot of maintainence - moved the Barbie and Misc. wings over to my FreeUK webspace to make a bit of extra room here for my FC Customs... got at least 6 new ones to add next weekend; see you then!

9th April 2000. New FC customs: Polaris (original green outfit) and a retouched Valkyrie. Plus a handful of others have new photographs - Hellcat, Human Torch, Jack of Hearts, Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Paladin, Red Guardian and Silver Sable.

26th March 2000. New FC Customs; Artemis, Baron Mordo, Lara Croft, the Silver Surfer and Thanos. Plus updates to the links page.

19th February 2000 . New FC Customs; Drax the Destroyer, Galactus, Gamora, Quicksilver, Spiderman and Xemnu the Titan. These pages may look even cruder than the others - sorry - trying to work with a new web-spinning program; not yet up to speed on it though. Over the next year though I hope spruce the whole site up, including new pictures of all my customs now I've got my hands on a digital camera. I hope to add a gernal tips page too... with a fully illustrated guide to re-rooting!

4th January 2000 . New FC Customs; Dweller in the Darkness and a new, improved Batman.